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Recent Publications and working Papers

  1. “The Economic Origins of the Postwar Southern Elite,” with Brandon Dupont, Explorations in Economic History (forthcoming)
  2. Joshua L. Rosenbloom and Donna K. Ginther, “Show me the Money: Federal R&D Support for Academic Chemistry, 1990-2009," Research Policy 46 (2017): 1454-64
  3. Joshua L. Rosenbloom and Donna K. Ginther, "The Effectiveness of Social Science Research in Addressing Societal Problems: Broadening Participation in Computing," Science and Public Policy 44, no. 2: 259-273. 10.1093/scipol/scw062
  4. Brandon Dupont and Joshua L. Rosenbloom, "The Impact of the U.S. Civil War on Southern Wealth Holders," Center for Economic Policy Research ,June 2016.
  5. Joshua L. Rosenbloom, Donna K. Ginther, Ted Juhl and Joseph A. Heppert, (2015) "The Effects of Research & Development Funding on Scientific Productivity: Academic Chemistry, 1990-2009." PLoS ONE 10(9): e0138176. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0138176 .  Previously issued as NBER working paper 20595
  6. Joshua L. Rosenbloom. “Forging a Research Mission.”  Transforming the University of Kansas: A History, 1965-2015.  John L. Rury and Kim Cary Warren, eds. University Press of Kansas: 2015.  Purchase on Amazon.
  7. Rosenbloom, Joshua L. "Response to Ira Katznelson's 'Fear Itself'," review essay Fear Itself, Ira Katznelson. Labor History 56, no. 2 (2015), 228-31.  Download the article
  8. Joshua L. Rosenbloom and Thomas Weiss, “Economic Growth in the Mid Atlantic Region: Conjectural Estimates for 1720 to 1800,” with Thomas Weiss, Explorations in Economic History 51 (January 2014) 41-59